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Welcome to Jilan studio

Creation is our passion, modernity is our vision, brainstorm is our leitmotiv, quality is our undisputed goal, marketing is our understanding, music is our blood & knowledge is our legacy...

Music Creation

We excel in original music creation. We compose and produce music for singers, we soundtrack a movie or a TV show's and we create all sorts of sound designs for the luxury hotel industry, standalone modern restaurants, exclusive bar lounges & luxury spas. We own a professional recording studio with the most updated technology and with over 15 years experience in the world/chill out/jazz electronic/pop & lounge music industry, we also mix & master your music in our recording studio and ensure the best quality result according to market standards

Sleek & Beautiful


With the concept in mind. We determinate the musical direction. we compose, play & record, mix & master the music. We have the ability and the ressources to record oriental musicians from all around the world.

Sleek & Beautiful


We mix on logic pro X with a tascam us 2400 and the great Apollo 8 with UAD 2 quad (universal audio). we use the NI komplete ultimate 11, the steinberg absolute collection 2 & the waves plug ins complete.

Sleek & Beautiful


Mastering is processed with Cubase pro 9 or with soundtrack pro 3 with an enhanced powercore X8 sonnox edition and UAD quad 2. We test the sound with 3 different head phones, the yamaha HS 80 and the samson rubicon 5


Feel free to take a ride to our photography web site at: www.jilanstudiophotography.com, we are also able to provide you with imagery support in order to match with your musical project.

Sleek & Beautiful

Mood & still

we shoot and and create an ambiance which match with your ultimate expectation and will definitely contribute to position your project on the market

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Culinary and liquids

we help creative chefs to showcase their talents. Our long experience in luxury hotel industry is definitely a huge asset

Sleek & Beautiful

Landscape and cityscape

We will also shoot and showcase the city or the nature surrounding your work environment. Our team member, multi award winning photographer, will deliver is ultimate best.

Sleek & Beautiful

Interior design

we will shoot your hotel public areas, your restaurants, bars or lounge. Beautiful interiors and exteriors look gorgeous through the lens, always. A combination of natural light and the studio lighting strobe makes every shot a masterpiece!


Through Brainstorming, observation & discussions we bring original ideas to the table. We create a unique identity for your project. The choice we make at that particular moment is crucial for the future. Thinking out of the box is a second nature for us...

09/29/2019 3 comments

Album “alchemy” on shelves

“Alchemy” is a lounge music album with Indian and Oriental vibes. it has been recorded in Dubai, new Delhi and Cairo with many famous musicians. it has been released in November 2018